B2C Offerings in India: A Critical Review

Himanshu Tandon


The developments in IT related fields have pushed India into the forefront
of international business debates in the last one and half decade. The
ICT developments have also meant that Indian market has been witnessing
tremendous innovation in terms of offerings; the B2C sector has been
the one to experience most activity.
The Internet penetration is extremely low in India; still a total of around
40 million users make it a sizeable market for study. And with mobile
phone usage growing, the Indian market is set to break into a substantial
market for B2C offerings, many of which have been examined herein.
This paper attempts to critically review the status of B2C offerings in
India. The idea here is to elucidate the origins of such offerings; and
juxtapose them with key ground variables in order to properly evaluate
their economic and consumer worth. The paper draws on researcher’s
interviews with key middle and senior level executives in Indian
businesses as well as Industry groups and lawyers to properly cover
these issues. This paper is small part of the overall PhD research being
undertaken by the researcher and only small portion of findings are
being reported here. The approach is qualitative in nature as an earlier
quantitative study with similar objectives met with a very cautious and
incomplete response from the industry.

Keywords : B2C, Rediff, IRCTC, India

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