The Unification of Product life cycle and Industry Life cycle in telcom sector in Pakistan

Amena Sibghatullah, Dr. Musarrat Shamshir, Dr Kamran Siddiqui, Ms Nazia Saeed


The purpose of this study is to propose a strategic framework using the Unified Life Cycle (ULC) model by combining Product lifecycle (PLC) and Industry life cycle (ILC). Data collection and analysis involves multi-stage qualitative methods. At first stage qualitative data was collected through interviews and focus groups while at a later part of the research qualitative data was again collected from the marketing experts (N = 100). This paper shows originality on many counts. Firstly, both PLC and ILC have shown weaknesses and limitations in earlier researches. This research has unified both PLC and ILC into one ULC combining the strengths and reducing the weakness of both life cycles. Secondly, earlier studies failed to provide any integrated strategic framework of selecting appropriate pricing strategies; using both PLC and ILC in silos. The current research provides an integrated strategic framework for pricing strategy selection using newly proposed strategic framework labelled as ULC.

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