Linking cronyism, psychological contract breach, and moral disengagement: A study of public sector university teachers

Muhammad Anwar ul Haq


Purpose: The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of cronyism on moral disengagement through the mediating role of psychological contract breach in among teachers in public sector universities of Pakistan.

Design/Methodology: Data was collected using a 28 items questionnaire through a cross-sectional design study. Observations collected from 229 respondents were used to test the model.

Findings: Findings of current study reveal that cronyism has a positive impact on moral disengagement and psychological contract breach. Relationship between psychological contract breach and moral disengagement is also accepted. Psychological contract breach is found to be fully mediating the relationship between cronyism and moral disengagement.

Implications: This study has filled the gap identified by Shu (2011) and Johnson and Buckley (2015) regarding condition under which moral disengagement occur, and gap identified through literature review of psychological contract breach. This study provides guidelines for managers to take caution measures to eradicate the occurrence of cronyism in organizations.

Key Words: Cronyism, Moral Disengagement (MD), Psychological Contract Breach (PCB)

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