Controlling and Monitoring of Home Parameters Using Remote and Voice Through Arduino and Google Assistance

Nazim Khowaja


Abstract— In this modern world, everybody wants to become smart and works smartly. So, this home automation project will help people who are elders or disabled; this project facilitates them in their daily life. The purpose of this project is enhancing the living standard and provides ease in daily activities. The concept and aim of designing this automation system are to control home appliances and gadgets by voice and remote control. Wireless technology will use to implement access for appliances through smartphones. Our intention in this project is to design a control system that must be easy to install, use to operate, and economical for controlling electrical equipment. Since this project is based on wireless and remote control technology, the controller or user is only allowed to control and operate the appliances relate to the project while sitting anywhere in the room or house in the vicinity or range of the sensors and receivers. In future owners can easily add more appliances, and this project will also use in the industrial sector.


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