Implementation of Smart Car Parking System using Arduino

Uzair Ur Rahim


Abstract - Essentially, the main reason for the paper to give the solution related to problems that are faced by people during the parking of their vehicle. This study elaborates on how to decrease the parking issue, which is the major issue of urban cities such as Karachi, Lahore, the traffic in those cities which have been grown up very fast. Finding a car parking in huge cities is not convenient. Nowadays, many unlawful parking areas making cash, and most of them are now not safe. This research aims to make a parking machine for the driver where they can park barring getting in trouble and secure. This system can be implemented or can be used by way of malls, companies, airports, and many different places where we have a massive range of vehicles. The automatic parking device can in most cases be divided into 5 one of a kind sorts (PGSI) Parking Guidance and Information System, Electronic Parking, Automated Parking, Smart Payment System, Transit Based Information System. The model project which is developed with the help of some sensor and other necessary things which is required to develop a proper parking system.


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